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A majority of the people in our world—the poor,
women, people of the developing world, workers,
and non-white Americans—are under attack by
the U.S. government and multinational corporations.
Struggles against this oppression are ongoing and inevitable.

In solidarity with these struggles, local or distant, the
DELAWARE COUNTY PLEDGE OF RESISTANCE engages in nonviolent, direct action.

The Pledge encourages participation by all,
especially those directly affected by oppression.

   Who We Are
The Delaware County Pledge of Resistance was originally founded as part of a national organization that opposed war. Our organization has persisted as a local group centered in Delaware County in Pennsylvania that works for economic and social justice for oppressed people in this country and abroad. We currently have 170 members who support our opposition to corporate and U.S. Government interventions in Latin America and in Haiti. We support efforts of oppressed workers to organize here and abroad. We struggle with the complexities of globalization and have opposed World Bank policy and CAFTA and NAFTA. We oppose those who would extend the American Empire using violent and financial power. We encourage the US government to consider effects of their policies on world poverty and how this is translated into terrorism. Many of our members participated in the Iraqi Pledge of Resistance and their civil disobedience activities. In solidarity with struggles against oppression, we engage in nonviolent and direct action.

We publish a quarterly Newsletter which is sent to our members and posted on this Website. Our Newsletter highlights our interests. It counters views of our major media. In addition to organized protests, we run educational activities and have initiated a monthly movie night, The Cinema Resistance, which shows antiwar epics. Other planned programs this year include: Forums on Haiti and Third World Debt Forgiveness, financial support for young people to see first hand the oppressed people of Haiti. We will work to publicize what is happening in Guatemala.

The Delaware County Pledge of Resistance is governed by a core group. We encourage participation by all, especially those directly affected by oppression, and poverty. Decision making requires consensus of our core group.

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 P.O. BOX 000 Swarthmore, PA 1908 PH: 555.453.8427 e-mail: info@delcopledge.org

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