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Our Focus

Latin America

Globalization has added to the mix of powers that control U.S. policy toward Latin American countries. Pledge has worked to publicize and protest policies of the IMF and World Bank which is being operated for the benefit of rich countries that are in control. We believe that Globalization has distorted the allocation of resources in favor of private goods at the expense of public ones. Now CAFTA expands the ability of large corporations in our country to dominate the economies of our neighbors at the cost of cutting education and civil services in these countries. We believe that in the new world of Globalization there is an even greater need for countries to act collectively through international institutions and to have alliances with other countries to demand global justice and a better global environment. We will work against narrow corporation self-interest. In its place we must give thought to the future of humanity and the reassertion of morality.  Learn More . . .

The Delco Pledge of Resistance has focused on Haiti over the last 15 years. We have organized several non-violent demonstrations protesting the 1991 coup, several educational forums, multiple pieces published in our Newsletter, and (joining with Haiti Reborn) we have demonstrated and lobbied in Washington DC, protesting the US sanctions imposed on HaitiLearn More . . .

Globalization and The New American Empire
We have organized a forum that was critical of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund policies.  We organized an educational forum on The Patriot Act. We oppose the war in Iraq and have been involved in multiple antiwar demonstrations. At present we have three “anti war” programs. We will bring to Delaware County on October 14, the documentary “Sir!, No Sir!”. We have sponsored and are participating in the “National Declaration To End The War In Iraq”.  We were the founders of the group “Democracy Now Advocates” which aims to bring Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” to stations in the Philadelphia area. We were successful in urging WYBE to air this important show five times a week  Our Latin American and Haiti programs, of course, relate to the topic of  “Globalization”.

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 P.O. BOX 000 Swarthmore, PA 1908 PH: 555.453.8427 e-mail: info@delcopledge.org

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