RETURN to PREVIOUS PAGE Lawren Bale lives in Narberth, Pennsylvania with his wife Martina and their baby daughter Annabelle Jean Elisabeth (born 11/11/01). The youngest of three brothers, Bale was raised in rural California and attended the University of Hawaii. He has worked in the potato fields, apricot sheds, super markets, and wilderness forests of Southern California.
Sangha Images After completing his BA in Religious Studies (Asian) at the University of Hawaii, Lawren worked as a carpenter for a year. After he broke his leg on a job site, he used his workman's compensation to finance a journey to Bangkok, where he practiced meditation as a bhikkhu during 1974 and 1975, under the guidance of Pra Thepsiddhimuni -- head of Vipassana Meditation at Wat Mahadhatu (Mahatat), a university of the Mahanikai sect of Theravada Buddhism in Thailand.
Kyoto Business Card In 1976, Bale traveled to Japan, and practiced meditation with Ten Dai Buddhists on Mt. Hiei. He then moved to Kyoto, taught English, sold hand made leather goods of his own design (jackets, trousers & sandals) and became conversant in Japanese. In 1980, Bale returned to graduate studies at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. In1981, he was invited to study with the Jesuit faculty at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt, Germany. While living in Germany he learned to appreciate Guinness Stout and Irish pipes, and he met his wife.
Upon his return to America, he completed his MA at Marquette and transferred to Temple University in Philadelphia. He taught at Temple and Rutgers University, while writing his Ph.D. dissertation (Ecology of Mind in Interreligious Dialogue) -- completed in May, 1994. In his classes, his aim is to fuse academic rigor and poetic imagination, while raising questions about war and peace, poverty, pollution, overpopulation, human sexuality, love and the environmental crisis. It is rumored that he gives easy marks (not true) and his students tell him he is an exciting teacher.
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Lawren Bale began writing poetry while attending the University of Hawaii, during the Vietnam war. Down & Out Press has printed five volumes of his verse: Prochronisms; Proto Post Modern Blues;  Ecomind;  Termites Tribal March & Midtown Charity Ball;  and Restoring the Gordian Knot. Selections of his most recent poetry, Stochasticims are published on the internet.
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